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Profitable businesses and of little investment

12 January 2010 - 20:24

profitable businesses and of little investment

The following are 3 ideas of profitable businesses and little investment, that is to say, businesses with which it is possible to be gotten to make much money, and that stops its constitution only makes lack a minimum investment.

They are businesses that in the last years have been operated by people who have gotten to make much money (arriving in many cases at the wealth) and, that when initiating these businesses, did not count by far capital (or almost nothing of this one).

So quick attention to these businesses; with them you will be able to get to make much money, but they ten in account that it will not be a easy task. They are profitable businesses, but as long as we know well what we are doing, and we dedicate all to our energy and time to them.

Businesses multilevel

The businesses multilevel or companies of marketing multilevel, nowadays are allowing them to make much money to thousands of people. If you have heard speak of people whom have made its fortune through these businesses and that before entering them did not have anything, it is probable that one is real cases.

To affiliate with a business multilevel allows us to initiate a business that counts on a good potential of yield, allows us to begin a business with as soon as a small amount of money, and allows us to mount a business of an immediate form and without complications.

The key to make much money through the businesses multilevel, is not as much in the income obtained by the sales that we realize, but in the possibility of obtaining income liabilities, which are conformed by the commissions that we received by the sales that the people realize who conform our network of affiliates.

If we got to recruit a great number of affiliates, and trained them well so that they sell products of the company and, simultaneously, recruit to other affiliates, is probable that we get to construct a solid network of affiliates that allows us to make much money, even though we decide to stop working.

Nevertheless, to be successful in the businesses multilevel is not something simple; many people who initiate some business multilevel, end up soon after leaving it, disappointed of not to have obtained the waited for results, without including/understanding that to be successful in these businesses, she is not enough with affiliating itself with a company multilevel, but is necessary much work, effort and dedication.

On the other hand, to be successful in these businesses, also it is necessary to affiliate itself with a good company multilevel. In the market very good companies exist multilevel, but also it has of the other, that in some cases they look for to swindle to the people.

Reason why to be successful in the businesses multilevel, besides the requirements before mentioned, it is necessary to choose the company well which to affiliate, we must look for companies to us that count on real testimonies, sell products of good quality, they offer a good system of payments and commissions, and offer a good qualification us.

Businesses in Internet

Others of the businesses that nowadays are allowing them to make much money to thousands of people, are the businesses in Internet.

As multilevel happens in the businesses, probably you have listened of cases of people who are gaining a fortune with their businesses in Internet. It is probable that these cases are real, although also is necessary to consider that many people lie when affirming that they make much money in Internet in order that we buy its products to them or we acquire its services.

But the certain thing is that many people are making their fortune through the businesses in Internet, which in many cases initiated its businesses with as soon as a computer in house and a connection to Internet.

Although also it is certain that, as happens to the businesses multilevel, many people initiate their businesses in Internet they leave and them soon after, disappointed of not to have obtained the awaited results.

The key to make much money in Internet is to take advantage of the million potential clients who exist in Internet, that is to say, to really make money in Internet, is necessary to take the opportunity that has the virtual businesses to be able to reach million people (something who do not happen to the physical businesses).

But to take advantage of it is necessary two requirements, first it is to offer the product or indicated service, and the second it is to cause that these potential consumers know of our business and they buy to us or they visit.

In order to be able to offer the indicated product we must consider the same strategies that are used in the physical businesses, that is to say, to offer a unique and novel product, a differentiated product, that satisfies a necessity, that it offers a added value, etc.

And to cause that the consumers know of us and they buy to us or they visit is necessary to realize a good promotion (or in Internet, or outside this one), and to try to obtain a good positioning in the finders.

In order to initiate a business in Internet it is not necessary to be designed of pages a Web (we can contract one), not even is necessary to have a page Web. The opportunities of businesses in Internet are infinite, the most common businesses are the virtual stores, the product sale in auction sites, the sale of ebooks, the product sale of third parties, the consultancy, etc.

Businesses where we teach what we know

Finally, others of the businesses that nowadays are allowing them to make much money to thousands of people, are the businesses where it is taught what one knows, that is to say, businesses where shares with other people, the knowledge or experience that one owns.

Many people are making their fortune teaching or sharing their knowledge or experiences; many people have even created their own businesses, teaching exactly what they knew to do in his uses.

Many of them began without much capital, from house (or installing a small office or a small factory), or even from Internet. And without being necessarily expert in the subject, but simply sharing with estusiasmo what they know, while they learned little by little more and more on it.

If the dance gets passionate to you and is good in it, can create your own academy or school of dance; if you are good in some sport or disciplines, you can create your own factory in house, or create your page own Web and sell your ebooks or videos; if you are good in the handling of the personal finances, you can sell your own ebooks in Internet, and then, as you are become well-known, to offer courses and seminaries, or virtual or physical.

If, for example, you are working during years in sales and you are good in it, you can put an academy or school for salesmen, or write and sell books or manuals on sales; if you have worked like young man during years, you can put a school or factory for young men, or a school or factory on the service to the client in restaurants.

The key to make much money with this type of businesses is to arrive at the greater number of clients, for example, offering to courses or seminaries in halls that lodge to hundreds and up to thousands of people, being useful the potential Internet, and even engaging and instructing other people so that they realize the same functions that we.



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4 Commentaries for “profitable Businesses and of little investment”

  1. aunt:

    Internet is all lie, only dreams.

  2. thais:


  3. David Onrrubio:

    In the first place exelente post very inspiring, comment that after to have Internet and salary sailed until boring, pense that podria to remove benefit to me from, so comenze to look for and enters the business of multilevels where it manages to remove a far from negligible money but that it implied to me to be many hours in compu to be able to maintain alive the system, so I saw the possibility of changing of heading yendome to the subject of enceñanza where by my condition of Umilde me permitia formally for not receiving by my services auque also helps to much people in exchange for anything, very good thing for the soul but not as much for bolcillo. Nowadays I am leading the subject of the inverciones where this going to me Barbarian and where I can apply the system of multilevel in some cases, to help friendly, well-known and to know to increase its monthly income guiding to them and aconcejando to the novices in the processes much not known times to them and thus to acegurar the best yields for all. In the personnel this I complete is the best business but garantiso than as in “the real life” only it is necessary a little desire, a little I devise and always good disposition towards others well to be seen by the community of Internet like in all the aspects of the life. I hope to have been constructive and until receiving some invitation for some emprendimiento, if it allows to the administrator to help it in some of these subjects my mail is davidonrrubio@gmail.com but I only say to them that there is no worse attempt than the one than does not become; the best fortune for all and thanks.

  4. Xavi:

    Where I can see example of profitable businesses. Thanks

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