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How to attract clients

26 January 2010 - 18:06

cémo to attract clients

Or that we finish mounting a business, or that our business or has been some time in the market, our objective always will be to attract clients our business.

- What we will see next is a method to attract clients made up of 3 steps:

1. To create an attractive business

The first step to attract clients consists of creating an attractive business, that is to say, a business that draws attention, that creates interest, that attracts clients, and who cause that these decide to return.

Many forms exist to create an attractive business, next we presented/displayed the main ones to them:

  • to offer a product of excellent quality: to offer a product of excellent quality consists of offering a product that satisfies the needs with the consumers, but who in addition, exceed their expectations.

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How to promote a virtual store

25 January 2010 - 17:38

how to promote a virtual store

To have a virtual store or tends online offers the possibility of counting us with million potential clients; but nobody knows of our business or reasons sufficient to buy our products, will be little probable that do not exist it does somebody it.

Reason why to be successful with a virtual store, it is not enough with having a good design or selling good products, but we must try a good traffic of visits towards our store, and also stimulate the consumer to that it buys our products. And the form to obtain it is through the promotion.

Next we see which are the main forms to promote a virtual store:

Positioning in finders ()

As a rule, most of the visits that a virtual store receives, come mainly from the finders (, Google), reason why the main form to promote a virtual store is trying a good positioning to him in the results search of these finders.

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The cc$bbs like marketing strategy

22 January 2010 - 16:01

electronic bulletin

The cc$bbs or to e-newsletter is own tool of the email marketing that consists of a publication distributed regularly via electronic mail to people who previously have subscribed to this one.

The publication of a cc$bbs, generally, concentrates in a subject of interest for the subscriber, and usually takes the form of an article (for example, an article on advice to realize something), the news (for example, the opening of the new premises or the approach of an event), a newness (for example, the launching of a new product or promotion), or a promotion (for example, coupons that can later be printed and be exchanged).

Generally, the alternative of subscription to a bulletin, appears in the page Web of a business (or that this is based on Internet or it is a physical business), and, also, the bulletin usually presents/displays the alternative of which the subscriber can annul his subscription at any time.

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Email marketing

19 January 2010 - 16:30

email marketing

The email marketing is a form to realize marketing in Internet that consists of making use of the email or electronic mail like mass media to promote a product or service, or to maintain contact with a consumer and thus to create interest in this one by a business, or to try its loyalty.

The simple fact to send an email to a person with the purpose of to promote a product or service or can be considered like email marketing, but marketing is generally related to the email to the use of the cc$bbs or to e-newsletter, with the shipment of electronic mails to clients with the purpose of to maintain contact with them, or the shipment of massive electronic mails to a list of people with the purpose of to promote a product or service.

The cc$bbs to e-newsletter

The cc$bbs or to e-newsletter consists of a publication distributed regularly via electronic mail to people who have subscribed previously in this one.

Generally, the publication of a cc$bbs tries on a subject of interest for the subscriber, who can be conformed by articles, the news, new features, promotions, information on new products or promotions, etc.

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Advantages to invest in stock-market

18 January 2010 - 16:37

advantages to invest in stock-market

Recently we dealed with the subject the investment in stock-market of values; now we see which are the advantages that present/display stock-market for the investor, so that we know a little more on its characteristics and benefits and, mainly, we pruned to compare them with other alternatives of investment.

High yield

When investing in stock-market it is possible to be gotten to make much money, but assuming a high risk, mainly, if one does not count on the knowledge and the suitable preparation. While greater risk we are arranged to assume greater will be the awaited yield.

Variety of investment alternatives

The companies that quote in stock market, but besides action are several, in stock-market also commercialize other financial types of titles values or assets such as bonds, obligations, letters, promissory notes, etc.

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The diversification

15 January 2010 - 15:18

the diversification

The diversification in terms of personal finances is an investment strategy that consists of distributing the money in different investments, instead of for concentrating this one in a single investment or a single type of investment.

The diversification is a strategy widely recommended by the specialists, because the form is considered most effective to reduce or to control the risk at the time of investing.

If an investor decides to concentrate all their money in a single investment, runs the risk from which the investment obtains bad results and gets to lose part or the total of its money.

However, if he invests of diversified way he reduces or he diminishes the risk, since to lose their money, several of the acquired investments must have bad results at the same time.

All investment always entails a risk, generally, while more potential of yield offers an investment, major will be the risk that entails and, on the contrary, while less yield offers, minor will be its risk.

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Rent determines and rent variable

14 January 2010 - 15:55

rent determines and rent variable

The rent concepts fix and variable rent is two concepts that are due to have well in clearly if we want to learn to invest our money correctly.

When rent speech determines and rent variable, reference to the rent is made generally that the assets financial or titles generate values (action, bonds, letters, etc.); nevertheless, these terms in fact are applied to the rent generated by any type of investment (including the saving systems).

Fixed rent

The rent fixes occurs in the investments where it is known beforehand (or at least in a level of acceptable prediction) which will be the rent flows that they will generate (which not necessarily must be constant or regular).

Example of rent investments fixes are the financial assets or titles values such as the bonds, the obligations, the letters, and the promissory notes; real estate in rent, and the systems of savings such as the deposits on credit and the accounts of saving.

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Profitable businesses and of little investment

12 January 2010 - 20:24

profitable businesses and of little investment

The following are 3 ideas of profitable businesses and little investment, that is to say, businesses with which it is possible to be gotten to make much money, and that stops its constitution only makes lack a minimum investment.

They are businesses that in the last years have been operated by people who have gotten to make much money (arriving in many cases at the wealth) and, that when initiating these businesses, did not count by far capital (or almost nothing of this one).

So quick attention to these businesses; with them you will be able to get to make much money, but they ten in account that it will not be a easy task. They are profitable businesses, but as long as we know well what we are doing, and we dedicate all to our energy and time to them.

Businesses multilevel

The businesses multilevel or companies of marketing multilevel, nowadays are allowing them to make much money to thousands of people. If you have heard speak of people whom have made its fortune through these businesses and that before entering them did not have anything, it is probable that one is real cases.

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